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Staff Profiles by Research Interest

NCEE staff hold advanced degrees in such fields as economics, political science, statistics, public policy, city and regional planning, bioengineering, public health, natural sciences and mathematics. These pages contain more information on NCEE staff (at bottom of this page), including education and areas of current research and policy interests.

Our staff contribute regularly to the body of literature in environmental economics. They have published in many of the top journals in the field: American Economic Review, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Environmental and Resource Economics, The Economic Journal, Land Economics, Public Finance Quarterly, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, and Economica, as well as journals in other fields such as The Journal of the American Medical Association.

NameJob TitleResearch InterestsPhone
Alumni - former NCEE staff*No Interests Defined
Axelrad, DanielEnvironmental ScientistChildren's environmental health,Environmental health indicators,Human health risk assessment and economic benefits analysis integration(202) 566-2304
Bowen, JenniferSupervisory Progam Analyst, Division Director, RPSDAgency guidance on the use of economic tools,Benefit-cost analysis,Economic impacts on small businesses and other small entities,Peer review of economics(202) 566-2281
Dockins, ChrisSupervisory Economist, Division Director, SPADRisk Assessment and Economics,Health Valuation,Benefit-Cost Analysis,Uncertainty(202) 566-2286
Durham, NatalieSEE Enrollee*No Interests Defined(202) 566-2289
Evans, David A. EconomistRegulatory design/instrument choice and incentives,Economic incentives for pollution control,Electricity sector modeling/analysis,Multi-pollutant control strategies(202) 566-2358
Ferris, AnnEconomistLabor markets and environmental policy,Children's health valuation,Environmental justice(202) 564-3207
Garbaccio, RichardEconomistComputable general equilibrium modeling,Economic incentives for pollution control,Environmental regulation in developing countries(202) 566-2287
Griffiths, CharlesEconomistBenefit-Cost Analysis,Water Quality Valuation,Climate Change Damage Estimation,Compliance and Enforcement,Voluntary Programs(202) 566-2288
Guignet, DennisResearch EconomistEnvironmental and Health Valuation,Hedonic Analysis,Land cleanup and redevelopment,Land Use,Water Quality(202) 566-1573
Heninger, BrianEconomistEconomic incentives for pollution control,Benefit-cost analysis,Air pollution control,Ecosystem service valuation,Transportation(202) 566-2270
Jenkins, RobinEconomistSolid and hazardous waste policy analysis,Land contamination, cleanup, and reuse,Children's health valuation(202) 566-2292
Klemick, HeatherEconomistClimate change,Ecosystem service valuation,Environmental regulation in developing countries,Land use(202) 566-2522
Kopits, ElizabethEconomistSmart growth and land use,Land cleanup and reuse,Mobile source emissions,Climate change(202) 566-2299
Levitt, ShelleyChief of Staff*No Interests Defined(202) 566-2253
Maguire, KellyEconomistEnvironmental justice,Health Valuation,Mortality risk valuation,Non-market valuation(202) 566-2273
Marten, AlexEconomistElectricity sector modeling/analysis,Energy Economics,Climate Change Economics(202) 566-2301
Massey, MattEconomistRecreation demand modeling,Bioeconomic Modeling,Ecosystem Service Valuation,Benefit Transfer(202) 566-2295
McGartland, AlOffice Director, NCEEEconomic incentives for pollution control,Use of risk assessment in policy making(202) 566-2244
Moore, ChrisEconomistEcosystem service valuation,Dynamic optimization,Bayesian econometrics(202) 566-2348
Morgan, CynthiaEconomistWater quality regulations,Economic incentives for pollution control,Compliance/abatement costs(202) 566-2296
Nagelhout, PeterEconomistTrade and environment,Greenhouse gas mitigation,Mobile source emissions,Smart growth and transportation(202) 566-2313
Newbold, StephenEconomistClimate change,Non-market valuation,Recreation demand modeling,ecosystem services,bioeconomic modeling(202) 566-2293
Pasurka, CarlEconomistProductivity and competitiveness impacts of environmental regulations,Environmental accounting,Computable general equilibrium modeling(202) 566-2275
Sargent, KeithEconomistEconomics of Global Climate Change Control,Smart growth and transportation,Transboundary pollution(202) 566-2276
Shadbegian, RonEconomistCompliance/abatement costs,Environmental justice,Emission trading(202) 566-2280
Sheriff, GlennEconomistAgriculture and environmental policy,Regulatory design/instrument choice and incentives,Monitoring and enforcement issues,Invasive Species,Environmental Justice202-566-2265
Simon, NathalieEconomist, Associate Office Director, NCEEHealth effects of air pollution,Mortality risk valuation,Children's health valuation,Coastal resource valuation,Human health risk assessment and economic benefits analysis integration,Non-market valuation(202) 566-2347
Simpson, DavidEconomistEconomic growth and environmental pollution control,Ecosystem service valuation,Non-market valuation(202) 566-2356
Snyder, BrettDivision Director, BAMDDWater quality valuation,Agency guidance on the use of economic tools,Benefit-cost analysis,Economic impacts on small businesses and other small entities,Financing environmental services(202) 566-2261
Walsh, PatrickEconomistBenefit Transfer,Coastal resource valuation,Hedonic Analysis,Land cleanup and reuse,Non-market valuation,Spatial Dependence,Water Quality Valuation(202) 566-0315
Wheeler, WilliamEconomistBenefit Transfer,Regulatory design/instrument choice and incentives,Water quality regulations,Water quality valuation(202) 566-2264
Wolverton, AnnEconomistTrade and environment,Climate change,Voluntary programs,environmental justice,economic incentives for pollution control(202) 566-2278

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