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Retrospective Study of the Costs of EPA Regulations: An Interim Report of Five Case Studies

EPA is taking another step to improve environmental regulation by examining the process and factors that affect the estimated costs of regulations. The interim report, "Retrospective Study of the Costs of EPA Regulations: An Interim Report of Five Case Studies” (March 2012), discusses the factors that may account for differences between projected and actual regulatory costs and presents the preliminary findings of five initial case studies that attempt to assess compliance cost retrospectively. The report summarizes the EPA analysis done to date, describes the methodologies for estimating realized costs that have been employed so far, and discusses the challenges faced in conducting these analyses.

EPA is seeking advice from its Science Advisory Board (SAB) on how best to move forward with retrospective cost analyses in the face of these challenges given the limited information available.

The case studies are considered works in progress at this stage as they may change in response to SAB feedback. The report represents the Agency’s latest action to strengthen environmental regulation under the “Improving Regulation and Regulatory Review” Executive Order issued last year.

You can download the full report here. (300 pp, 2.9 MB, About PDF).

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