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Regulatory Economic Analysis at the EPA: By Subject

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Regulatory Economic Analysis at the EPA

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Show details for Adequate margin of safetyAdequate margin of safety
Show details for Benefit-costBenefit-cost
Hide details for Cost-effectivenessCost-effectiveness
3. Statutory Authorities for Economic Analysis
3.2. Clean Water Act
3.5. Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
3.6. Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act
4.2. Refueling Emission Regulations for Light Duty Vehicles and Trucks and Heavy Duty Vehicles
4.3. Control of Emissions of Air Pollution from Highway Heavy-Duty Engines
4.4. Synthetic Organic Chemical NESHAP
4.5. Other Air Pollution Documents
5.1. Effluent Guidelines for Centralized Waste Treatment Facilities
7.6. EPA's 1987 Review of RIA Process
Show details for Cost analysisCost analysis
Show details for Economic assessmentEconomic assessment
Show details for Economic impact analysisEconomic impact analysis
Show details for Guidance documentGuidance document
Show details for GuidelinesGuidelines
Show details for Inflationary impactInflationary impact
Show details for Regulatory analysesRegulatory analyses
Show details for Regulatory Impact AnalysisRegulatory Impact Analysis

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