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Show details for a. Air - Othera. Air - Other
Show details for a. Air - Radiationa. Air - Radiation
Show details for a. Air - Stationary Sourcea. Air - Stationary Source
Show details for a. Air - Stratospherica. Air - Stratospheric
Show details for a. Air - Tropospherica. Air - Tropospheric
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Show details for b. Water - Drinkingb. Water - Drinking
Show details for b. Water - Groundwaterb. Water - Groundwater
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Show details for c. Land - Otherc. Land - Other
Show details for c. Land - Solid Waste/RCRAc. Land - Solid Waste/RCRA
Show details for c. Land - Superfund/CERCLAc. Land - Superfund/CERCLA
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Accidental Release Information Program Database (ARIP)EPA DatasetsInformation on accidental releases of hazardous chemicals at fixed facilities.
Air DataEPA DatasetsThe AirData Web site gives you access to air pollution data for the entire United States.
Chemicals On Reporting Rules (CORR)EPA DatasetsA database containing information on chemicals which are regulated under specific sections of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) or section 313 of the Emergency Planning and Community Right -to-Know Act (EPCRA).
Economic Research Service PublicationsGovernment -- U.S. non-EPAPublications of the U. S. Department of Agriculture's Economic Research Service
Envirofacts WarehouseEPA DatasetsA single point of access to select US EPA environmental data.
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program (EMAP)EPA DatasetsEMAP’s goal is to translate environmental monitoring data from multiple spatial and temporal scales into assessments of ecological condition and forecasts of the future risks to the sustainability of our natural resources.
Hazardous Waste DataEPA DatasetsPage containing links to RCRA databases; including Biennial Report databases and RCRIS databases.
Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS)EPA DatasetsAn electronic database containing information on human health effects that may result from exposure to various chemicals in the environment.
Listing of Fish and Wildlife Consumption AdvisoriesEPA DatasetsFish consumption advisories for the United States and Canada.
National Priorities ListEPA DatasetsAll sites registered on Superfund's National Priorities List.
NY/NJ Harbor Sediment Decontamination Exit EPA DisclaimerEPA DatasetsData on the contamination of sediments in the New York/New Jersey Harbor.
Record of Decision System (RODS)EPA DatasetsRODS is the Record of Decision System. RODS contains full-text Records of Decision (RODs), ROD Abstracts, ROD Amendments, and Explanations of Significant Differences (ESDs). A ROD provides the justification for the remedial action (treatment) chosen at a Superfund site. It also contains site history, site description, site characteristics, community participation, enforcement activities, past and present activities, contaminated media, the contaminants present, scope and role of response action, and the remedy selected for cleanup.
Region 3 GIS Data LibraryEPA DatasetsA library of GIS data, maps, and related information for Region 3
Superfund Overview EPA DatasetsCERCLIS contains information on hazardous waste site assessment and remediation from 1983 to the
The Cost of Illness HandbookGovernment -- U.S. EPAProvides estimates of the lower bound cost of medical care for a number of environmentally-related illnesses
Show details for d. Chemicals - Otherd. Chemicals - Other
Show details for d. Chemicals - Pesticidesd. Chemicals - Pesticides
Show details for d. Chemicals - Toxic Substancesd. Chemicals - Toxic Substances
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