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A Guide for Cost-effectiveness and Cost-benefit Analysis of State and Local Ground Water Protection ProgramsUse of cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit analysis to evaluate ground water program at the State and local levels.
Economics and Cost Analysis SupportWebsite for the Innovative Strategies and Economics Group of the EPA Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards
EPA Acid Rain Emissions Trading and Market TrendsTrading of allowances for sulfur dioxide emissions
EPA Datasets Exit EPA DisclaimerSome Web-available datasets of particular interest to environmental economists
EPA Environmental Economics Report Inventory Exit EPA DisclaimerInventory of reports done for EPA National Center for Environmental Economics and predecessors including over 200 that can be downloaded.
EPA Regulatory Econmic Analyses Inventory Exit EPA DisclaimerDocument profiles for more than 1,200 EPA economic reports relating to hundreds of regulations and including over 50 that can be downloaded
Introduction to Environmental Economics Research at EPA Exit EPA Disclaimerintroduction, survey, and overview of EPA's economic research studies funded by the Office of Research and Development and the Office of Policy
National Center for Environmental Research Science TopicsInformation on the STAR Economics and Decision Sciences Program
NCEE in Plain EnglishLinks to discussions of environmental economics in forms understandable to the non-specialist
NSF/EPA Funding for Environmental Economics Exit EPA DisclaimerDatabase of environmental economics projects funded by the EPA Office of Research and Development or NSF/EPA jointly since 1991.
Practical Economic Analysis of Environmental Policy Course Materials Database Exit EPA DisclaimerIdentifies and catalogues sources of information useful in developing courses focusing on practical cost-benefit analysis and other economic assessments of environmental policies
Public Working Papers Repository Exit EPA DisclaimerInventory/electronic journal of downloadable or Web-accessible professional working papers and reports on the economics of environmental pollution control
The Cost of Illness HandbookProvides estimates of the lower bound cost of medical care for a number of environmentally-related illnesses
Unit-Based Pricing in the United States: A Tally of CommunitiesDatabase providing state-by-state listing of U.S. unit pricing communities through June 1998 including their population, program type, and date of implementation.
Water Quality Economics and BenefitsEPA Water Office Program to improve the data and methods used for estimating the benefits of its water quality programs. 
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