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Beneficial Use Values Database Exit EPA DisclaimerAn informational database of economic values for beneficial uses of water
Center for Social and Economic Research on the Global Environment Exit EPA DisclaimerIncludes abstracts for publications and working papers from this unit of the University of East Anglia, UK
Centre for Economic and Social Studies on the Environment (CESSE) Exit EPA DisclaimerList of internet sites dealing with sustainable development.
Dealing with Pollution Exit EPA DisclaimerPresents a case for using market-based economic incentives for environmental protection
Ecological, Environmental, and Natural Resource Economics Syllabi and Bibliographies Exit EPA DisclaimerAcademic Web pages from environmental economists tabulated by Davidson College Economics Department
Economic Performance and Environmental Quality Information Base Exit EPA DisclaimerDatabases of economic activity matched with data on a variety of environmental quality indicators and examples of how economic instruments are being used to improve the environment
Economics Departments, Institutes and Research Centers in the World Exit EPA DisclaimerWorld index
List of Papers by Parallel Sessions at 2002 World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists Exit EPA DisclaimerLinks to all available papers presented at 2002 World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists
Practical Economic Analysis of Environmental Policy Course Materials Database Exit EPA DisclaimerIdentifies and catalogues sources of information useful in developing courses focusing on practical cost-benefit analysis and other economic assessments of environmental policies
Professor Tom Tietenberg's Homepage Exit EPA DisclaimerBibliographies and working papers on sustainaable development/economics and tradable permits
Professor Trudy Ann Cameron's Bookmarks, UCLA; Environment and Natural Resource Economics Exit EPA DisclaimerList of Websites maintained by Trudy Cameron at UCLA
Steve Hackett's Internet Resources for Economists Exit EPA DisclaimerLarge collection of category links to other economics sites, with several categories devoted to environmental economics topics.
The Economics of Natural Resources: Bibliography by R.A. Muller Exit EPA DisclaimerPartially annotated references on topics in natural resources and environmental economics.
The Economics of the Environment Exit EPA DisclaimerLecture by Partha Dasgupta
Workshop on Market Based Approaches to Environmental Policy Exit EPA DisclaimerPrograms and papers presented at two 1998 conferences
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