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Environment and Development Economics Exit EPA DisclaimerSustainable development, valuation of environmental resources in low-income countries, 'greening' of national income accounts, and environmental implications of institutional change.
Environmental and Resource Economics Exit EPA DisclaimerEnvironmental issues that require rational economic analysis.
Environmental Economics Exit EPA DisclaimerElectronically pubiishes working and accepted paper abstracts in environmental economics.
Environmental Economics and Policy Studies Exit EPA DisclaimerJournal aims to provide an international forum for debates among diverse disciplines such as environmental economics, environmental policy studies, and related fields
Forum for Applied Research and Public Policy U. Tennessee & Oak Ridge National Labs Exit EPA DisclaimerEnergy, environment, economic development, and science and technology.
JEEM (Journal of Environmental Economics and Management) Exit EPA DisclaimerLinkage between economic systems and environmental and natural resources systems.
Journal of Environment and Development Exit EPA DisclaimerEnvironmental and developmental issues, including sustainable development.
List of Economics Journals Exit EPA DisclaimerWeb sites for worldwide economic journals
Marine Resource Economics Exit EPA DisclaimerJournal covering economic and policy analysis of marine resources
Public Working Papers Repository Exit EPA DisclaimerInventory/electronic journal of downloadable or Web-accessible professional working papers and reports on the economics of environmental pollution control
Resource and Energy Economics Exit EPA DisclaimerEconomic analysis of utilization and development of the earth's natural resources.
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