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Workshop: Community Based Environmental Decision Making

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Date(s): May 9, 2000

Location: NRECA Conference Center, 4301 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, VA

Contact: Nicole Owens (owens.nicole@epa.gov) or Julie Hewitt (hewitt.julie@epa.gov)

Description: This one-day workshop was cosponsored by US EPA Office of Economy and Environment and National Center for Environmental Research and NSF Decision, Risk, and Management Science Program and explored the issues surrounding "Community Based Environmental Protection." The first session, "Approaches to Valuing the Environment," approached valuation from the viewpoint of both individual and group, or democratic, preferences and implications for current valuation methods. The second session, "Stakeholder Participation and Decision Making," discussed and evaluated approaches to group decision making. The afternoon concluded with "Cooperation in Environmental Decision Making," which examined the effectiveness of voluntary versus command and control regulations in communities.

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