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Environmental Policy Analysis with Limited Information (Edward Elgar), 1998

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Publisher's blurb: ‘Desvousges, Johnson and Banzhaf have transformed the landscape for environmental policy analyses. Benefit analyses for policy evaluation generally require adaptations of existing research results to meet the needs of specific policy questions. The authors illustrate how analysts can systematically learn from the literature, develop methods for incorporating uncertainty in transferred benefit measures, and integrate the results from diverse research sources. In the process, the authors develop a comprehensive set of estimates of the environmental costs of the residual byproducts from electricity. I have added it to my reading list for graduate and advanced undergraduate classes and believe it should be required reading for the serious students, analysts, and academics involved in environmental policy analysis.’
– V. Kerry Smith, Duke University, US
Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Critical aspects of the transfer 3. Designing the transfer study 4. Estimating changes in health services 5.Health effects measured as monetary costs 6. Other effects: agriculture, materials and visibility 7. Results of the case study 8. Assessing the transfer method Bibliography


Desvousges, W.H., F. Reed Johnson, H. Spencer Banzhaf

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Advanced theory
Special topics


Cost-benefit analysis
Valuation/benefits measurement



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