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Environmental and Public Economics (Edward Elgar), 1999

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Publisher's blurb: Wallace E. Oates has made a pioneering contribution to environmental and public economics. This original selection of essays honours his seminal work in both these fields.
Contents: Introduction Part I: Environmental Economics Part II: Public Economics
Contributors include: W. Baumol, J.K. Brueckner, P. Courant, M. Cropper, A. Deardorff, T.M. Dinan, D. Epple, D. Fullerton, L.H. Goulder, D. Hummels, R.P. Inman, N.O. Keohane, C. Mansfield, E. Newlon, A. Panagariya, P.R. Portney, R.L. Revesz, R.E. Romano, R.M. Schwab, K.A. Schwabe, V.K. Smith, R.N. Stavins, J.J. Wallis, D.E. Wildasin, A. Wolverton, J. Yinger
Insufficient information to assess carefully. Acquire copy of book to assess if necessary.


Panagariya, Arvind, Paul R. Portney, and Robert M. Schwab (eds)

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