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Valuation and the Environment (Edward Elgar), 1999

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Publisher's blurb: This major new book presents the state-of-the-art in the theory and practice of environmental valuation and resource management. Leading experts in the field present methodological and empirical evidence for applying valuation methods to ecological policy problems.
Contributors include: D. Becker Soest, B. Bürgenmeier, N. Castells, H. Connor, T. M. Crowards, A. Gibbons, S. Goodman, D. Harley, T. Jenkins, D.C. Macmillan, J. Martinez-Alier, E. Mäntymaa, G. Mendelssohn, P. Midmore, R. Morrison, E. Moisseinen, G. Munda, J. O’Neill, W. Seabrooke, P. Söderbaum, M.A. Toman, R. Wink
Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Commensurability and Compensability in Ecological Economics 3. Sustainable Decisionmaking: The State Of The Art from an Economics Perspective 4. Environmental Protection: Towards a Socio-Economic Policy 5. Valuation as Part of a Microeconomics for Ecological Sustainability 6. Cost–Effectiveness Analysis of Forest Biodiversity Enhancement 7. The Relevance of Economic Valuation for Species Conservation 8. Willingness to Pay Willingness to Accept 9. Assessing Public Preferences for the Conservation Quality of the British Coast 10. On Behavioural Intentions in the Case of the Saimaa Seal 11. Sustainable Development and Appraisal Methodology


O'Connor, Martin, and Clive L. Spash (eds)

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