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AERE Workshop on Recreation Demand Modeling

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The topic of the workshop was issues associated with modeling the demand and valuation of recreational resources. Three themes that are associated with the current research on the economics of valuing outdoor recreational resources provided the basis for organizing a day and a half of sessions at the workshop. The first of these themes was in the modeling of the role of site attributes and determining the demand for recreational sites. Closely related to modeling is the issue, considered in the second session, of how to model the demands for recreational sites within a given region. The objective of the third session was to appraise our current understanding of the modeling of non-user values.

Papers included and authors:

"The Logit Model and Exact Expected Consumer's Surplus Measures: Valuing Marine Recreational Fishing" by Edward R. Morey and Robert D. Rowe

"The Varying Parameter Model: In Perspective" by William H. Desvousges

"Valuing Quality Changes in Recreational Resources" by Elizabeth A. Wilman

"Modelling the Demand for Outdoor Recreation" by Robert Mendelsohn

"A Model to Estimate the Economic Impacts on Recreational Fishing in the Adirondacks from Current Levels of Acidification" by Daniel M. Violette

"Modeling Recreational Demand in a Multiple Site Framework" by Nancy E. Bockstael, W. Michael Hanemann, Catherine L. Kling

"The Total Value of Wildlife Resources: Conceptual and Empirical Issues" by Kevin J. Boyle and Richard C. Bishop

"Exploring Existence Value" by Bruce Madariaga and K. E. McConnell

"A Time Sequenced Approach to the Analysis of Option Value" by Theodore Graham-Tomasi


Various Authors

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Research paper/report



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Advanced theory
Special topics
Case studies


Cost-benefit analysis
Valuation/benefits measurement



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