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Environmental Policy and Technical Change (Edward Elgar), 1997

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Publisher's blurb: Environmental Policy and Technical Change assesses the impact of environmental policy on technical change in cleaner technology. It focuses in particular on the possibility of inducing radical change in technology – a topic that is likely to move to the centre of the policy debate as people discover that incremental changes are not enough to achieve environmental sustainability.
Contents: 1. Introduction Part I: Theoretical Models of Innovation and Diffusion 2. A Critical Survey of Innovation Models in Pollution Control 3. New Models of Innovation in Pollution Control 4. An Interpretative Survey of Technological Diffusion Models 5. The Diffusion of Environmentally Beneficial Technological Innovations Part II: Empirical Studies of Environmentally Beneficial Technologies 6. The Diffusion of Biological Waste-Water Treatment Plants in the Dutch Food and Beverage Industry 7. The Diffusion of Thermal Home Insulation in the Netherlands 8. Case Studies of Cleaner Technologies 9. Technology Effects of Past Environmental Policies: An Overview Part III: The Problem of Technological Regime Shifts 10. Continuity and Change in Technological Regimes 11. Understanding Technological Regime Shifts 12. The Transition from Hydrocarbons 13. Conclusions References Index


Kemp, Rene

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