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Maguire, Kelly

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Current Research Interests:
Environmental justice
Health Valuation
Mortality risk valuation
Non-market valuation
Job Title:
Benefits Assessment and Methods Development Division
Joined Program:
Ph.D. Economics, Georgia State University, 1999
Selected Publications:
“An Examination of the Correlation Between Race and State Hazardous and Solid Waste Taxes. In The Political Economy of Environmental Justice. Spencer Bazhaf (Ed.) Stanford Press, 2012), with Robin Jenkins.

"Environmental Justice." In Environmental and Natural Resource Economics: An Encyclopedia. Timothy C. Haab and John C. Whitehead (Eds.). California: Greenwood Press, 2014.

Maguire K., Sheriff G. Comparing Distributions of Environmental Outcomes for Regulatory Environmental Justice Analysis.International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 2011; 8(5):1707-1726.

"Does mode matter? A comparison of telephone, mail and in-person treatments in contingent valuation surveys." Journal of Environmental Management, 90, 3528-3533 (2009).

"Focus on Babies: Evidence of Parental Attitudes Toward Pesticide Risks," (with Nicole Owens and Nathalie B. Simon). Journal of Agribusiness, 2(2): 187-195, 2006.

"Host Community Compensation and Municipal Solid Waste Landfills," (with Robin R. Jenkins and Cynthia L. Morgan), Land Economics,80(4): 513-528, 2004.

“The Price Premium for Organic Babyfood: A Hedonic Analysis,” (with Nicole Owens and Nathalie B. Simon), Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 29(1): 132-149, 2004.

"The Pace of PACE at the Environmental Protection Agency," (with Rich Iovanna and Al McGartland), Association for Environmental and Resource Economists Newsletter, 23(2), November 2003.

"Do Students Behave Like Adults? Evidence From Valuation Experiments," (with Laura O. Taylor and Shiferaw Gurmu), Applied Economics Letters, vol. 10, no. 12, 2003.

"Scrap Tire Disposal: Three Principles for Policy Choice." (with Ronald Cummings, Janusz Mrozek, and Peter Terrebonne). Natural Resources Journal 41(1): 9-22 (2001).

“Do As You Say, Say As You Do: Evidence on Gender Differences in Actual and Stated Contributions to Public Goods” (with Laura O. Taylor). Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 43: 127-139 (2000).

“Georgia’s Scrap Tire Management Program: An Assessment of Economic and Environmental Viability” (with Ronald G. Cummings, Janusz R. Mrozek, and Peter Terrebonne). report to Pollution Prevention Assistance Division, Environmental Protection Division, Land Protection Branch, Georgia Department of Natural Resources, October 1998.

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