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Shadbegian, Ron

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Current Research Interests:
Compliance/abatement costs
Environmental justice
Emission trading
Job Title:
Benefits Assessment and Methods Development Division
Joined Program:
Ph.D. Clark University, 1991
Selected Publications:
“Spatial Patterns in Regulatory Enforcement: Local Tests of Environmental Justice” (with Wayne Gray) in Environmental Justice edited by H. Spencer Banzhaf, Stanford University Press (Summer 2012). Also available as U. S. E.P.A. National Center for Environmental Economics Working Paper no. 2009-02.

"Do Environmental Regulations Disproportionately Affect Small Businesses? Evidence from the Pollution Abatement Costs and Expenditures Survey" (with Randy Becker and Carl Pasurka). U. S. E.P.A. National Center for Environmental Economics Working Paper no. 2012-06.

“Environmental Justice: Do Poor and Minority Populations Face More Hazards?” (with Wayne Gray and Ann Wolverton) in Oxford Handbook of the Economics of Poverty, Philip Jefferson, Ed. University of Oxford Press, Summer 2012. Currently available as National Center for Environmental Economics Working Paper 2010-10.

“Location Decisions of U.S. Polluting Plants: Theory, Empirical Evidence, and Consequences” with Ann Wolverton. International Review of Environmental and Resource Economics 4,2010, 1-49.

“Environmental Products Manufacturing: A Look Inside the Green Industry” (with Randy A. Becker), The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy: Vol. 9: Issue 1 (Topics), 2009.

“The Environmental Performance of Polluting Plants: A Spatial Analysis,” (with Wayne Gray). Journal of Regional Science (vol. 47, 2007, 63-84).

Assessing Multi-Dimensional Performance: Environmental and Economic Outcomes” (with Wayne Gray). Journal of Productivity Analysis 26, 2006, 213-234.

"Benefits and Costs from Sulfur Dioxide Trading: A Distributional Analysis,” (with Wayne Gray and Cynthia Morgan) in Acid in the Environment: Lessons Learned and Future Prospects (ed.s Gerald Visgilio and Diana Whitelaw), Springer Science+Media, Inc (2006).

“A Change of PACE: A Comparison of the 1994 and 1999 Pollution Abatement Costs and Expenditures Survey,” co-authored with Randy A. Becker. Journal of Economic and Social Measurement, 30 (2005): 63-95.

“Did Proposition 2 Affect Local Public Education in Massachusetts?: Evidence from Panel Data,” co-authored with Robert Jones. Global Business and Economic Review , 7 (2005): 363-380.

"When and Why do Plants Comply? Paper Mills in the 1980s?” (with Wayne Gray). Law and Policy27 (2005): 238-261.

Pollution Abatement Expenditures and Plant-Level Productivity: A Production Function Approach”: (with Wayne Gray). Ecological Economics, 54 (2005) 196-208.

“What Determines the Environmental Performance of Paper Mills? The Roles of Abatement Spending, Regulation, and Efficiency”: Co-authored with Wayne Gray. Topics in Economic Analysis & Policy 3 (2003): http://www.bepress.com/bejeap/topics/vol3/iss1/art15

“Optimal Pollution Abatement – Whose Benefits Matter and How Much,” (with Wayne Gray). Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 47 (May 2004): 510-534.

"Plant Vintage, Technology, and Environmental Regulation"(with Wayne Gray), Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 46 (November 2003): 384-402.

"Did the Property Tax Revolt Affect Local Public Education: Evidence from Panel Data,” Public Finance Review, 31(1) (2003): 91-120.

"When Do Firms Shift Production Across States to Avoid Environmental Regulation?” (with Wayne Gray). NBER Working Paper no. 8705, Center for Economic Studies (CES) Working Paper no. 01-18, and NCEE Working Paper # 2002-02.

"Do Children Create an Externality in the Provision of Public Education?" (with A.F. Ott) Public Finance Review, 29(3) (2001): 233-252.

"Environmental Regulation, Investment Timing, and Technology Choice" (with W.B. Gray), Journal of Industrial Economics 46 (June 1998): 235-56. [Also available in The Economic Costs and Consequences of Environmental Regulation, W.B. Gray, ed., Ashgate Publications, 2001].

"Pollution Abatement Costs, Regulation, and Plant-Level Productivity" (with W.B. Gray), in The Economic Costs and Consequences of Environmental Regulation, W.B. Gray, ed., Ashgate Publications, 2001.

"How Costly is Environmental Regulation? Evidence from U.S. Manufacturing," Our Natural Environment: Concepts & Solutions, Proceedings of the 2nd International Interdisciplinary Conference on the Environment (Kevin Hickey and Demetrius Kantarelis, eds.) (Fall 1996): 279-286.

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