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Griffiths, Charles

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Staff Profiles

Staff Profiles by Research Interest

Current Research Interests:
Benefit-Cost Analysis
Water Quality Valuation
Climate Change Damage Estimation
Compliance and Enforcement
Voluntary Programs
Job Title:
Research and Program Support Division
Joined Program:
Ph.D., Economics, University of Maryland-College Park, 1997
Previous Experience:
Lecturer, Department of Economics, University of Maryland, 2013-Present
Lecturer, Advanced Academic Programs, Johns Hopkins University, 2007-Present
Senior Economist, Council of Economic Advisors, 2007-2008
Visiting Assistant Professor, Gettysburg College, 2000-2001
Consultant, World Bank, 1993-1996
Research Assistant, Interindustry Forecasting Project at the University of Maryland, 1990-1993
Selected Publications:
“Estimating the Social Cost of CH4 and N2O Emissions Consistent with U.S. SC-CO2 Estimates” (with Alex Marten, Elizabeth Kopits, Steve Newbold, and Ann Wolverton). Climate Policy. 2014.

“The Clean Water Act” In John C. Whitehead and Timothy C Haab, eds. Environmental and Natural Resource Economics: An Encyclopedia. 2014.

“Improving the assessment and valuation of climate change impacts for policy and regulatory analysis” (with Elizabeth Kopits, Alex L. Marten, Robert E. Kopp, Kate C. Shouse, Elke L. Hodson, Bryan K. Mignone, Chris Moore, Steve C. Newbold, Stephanie Waldhoff, and Ann Wolverton). Climatic Change 117: 433-438, 2013.

“A Rapid Assessment Model For Understanding The Social Cost Of Carbon" (with Steve Newbold, Chris Moore, Ann Wolverton, and Elizabeth Kopits) Climate Change Economics. 4(1): 1350001-41. 2013.

"U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Valuation of Surface Water Quality Improvements" (with Heather Klemick, Matt Massey, Chris Moore, Steve Newbold, David Simpson, Patrick Walsh, and William Wheeler) Review of Environmental Economics and Policy. 6(1): 130-146. 2012.

“The Social Cost of Carbon: Valuing Carbon Reductions in Policy Analysis” (with Elizabeth Kopits, Alex Marten, Chris Moore, Steve Newbold, and Ann Wolverton) In Ruud de Mooij, Ian W.H. Parry, and Michael Keen, eds. Guidelines for Fiscal Policy and Climate Change. Washington, D.C.: International Monetary Fund. 2012.

"Estimating the 'Social Cost of Carbon' for Regulatory Impact Analysis" (with Elizabeth Kopits, Alex Marten, Chris Moore, Steve Newbold, and Ann Wolverton) Resources for the Future: Weekly Policy Commentary. November 5. 2010.

"Evaluating the Effectiveness of EPA Voluntary Programs: An Examination of the Strategic Goals Program for Metal Finishers" (with Keith Brouhle and Ann Wolverton). Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 57(2): 166-18, (2009).

"A Comparison of the Monetized Impact of IQ Decrements from Mercury Emissions"
(with Al McGartland and Maggie Miller),
Environmental Health Perspectives; 115(6): 841-847, 2007.

“Clean Water, Ecological Benefits, and Benefits Transfer: A Work in Progress at the U.S. EPA” (with Rich Iovanna). Ecological Economics, 60(20):473-482, 2006.

"The Use of Voluntary Approaches for Environmental Policymaking in the U.S.” (with Keith Brouhle and Ann Wolverton), The Handbook of Environmental Voluntary Agreements, E. Croci, ed. Kluwer Academic Publisher. 2005.

“Risk Assessment for Benefits Analysis: Framework for Analysis of a Thyroid-Disrupting Chemical” (with Daniel Axelrad, Karl Baetcke, Chris Dockins, Richard Hill, Patricia Murphy, Nicole Owens, Nathalie Simon, and Linda Teuschler). Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, Part A, 68:1–19, 2005.

"Benefit-Cost Analysis of U.S. Regulations Affecting Surface Water Quality" (with William Wheeler), Cost-Benefit Analysis and Water Resources Managemen; Roy Brouwer and David Pearce, eds. Edward Elgar Publishing, 2005.

“Economic Implications of Hormesis in Policy Making” Human and Experimental Toxicology. 23(6): pp. 281-3, 2004.

“Linking Economics and Risk Assessment” (with Chris Dockins, Nicole Owens, Nathalie Simon, and Daniel Axelrad), Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, 67(8-10): 611-620, 2004.

“What to Do at Low Doses: A Bounding Approach for Economic Analysis” (with Chris Dockins, Nicole Owens, Nathalie B. Simon and Daniel A. Axelrad), Risk Analysis: An International Journal, 22(4): 679-688, 2002.

“An Economic Analysis and Simulation of Woodfuel Management in the Sahel” (with Ken Chomitz), Environmental & Resource Economics, July, 19(3): 285-304, 2001.

"Predicting the Location of Deforestation: The Role of Roads and Protected Areas in North Thailand" (with Maureen Cropper and Jyotsna Puri), Land Economics, 77(2): 172-186, 2001.

"Roads, Population Pressures and Deforestation in Thailand, 1976-1989" (with Maureen Cropper and Muthukumara Mani), Land Economics, 75(1): 58-73. February 1999.

"The Interaction of Population Growth and Environmental Quality" (with Maureen Cropper), The American Economic Review, Vol. 84, No. 2, May 1994, pp. 250-254.

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