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Griffiths, Charles

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Current Research Interests:
Agency guidance on the use of economic tools
Water Quality Valuation
Health effects of air pollution
Human health risk assessment and economic benefits analysis integration
Job Title:
Research and Program Support Division
Joined Program:
Ph.D., Economics, University of Maryland-College Park, 1997
Previous Experience:
Senior Economist, Council of Economic Advisors, 2007-2008
Lecturer, Advanced Academic Programs, Johns Hopkins University, 2007-Present
Visiting Assistant Professor, Gettysburg College, 2000-2001
Consultant, World Bank, 1993-1996
Research Assistant, Interindustry Forecasting Project at the University
of Maryland, 1990-1993
Selected Publications:
"Evaluating the Effectiveness of EPA Voluntary Programs: An Examination of the Strategic Goals Program for Metal Finishers" (with Keith Brouhle and Ann Wolverton). Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 57(2): 166-18, (2009).

"A Comparison of the Monetized Impact of IQ Decrements from Mercury Emissions"
(with Al McGartland and Maggie Miller),
Environmental Health Perspectives; 115(6): 841-847, 2007.

“Clean Water, Ecological Benefits, and Benefits Transfer: A Work in Progress at the U.S. EPA” (with Rich Iovanna). Ecological Economics, 60(20):473-482.

"The Use of Voluntary Approaches for Environmental Policymaking in the U.S.” (with Keith Brouhle, and Ann Wolverton), The Handbook of Environmental Voluntary Agreement;s E. Croci, ed. Kluwer Academic Publisher (2005).

“Risk Assessment for Benefits Analysis: Framework for Analysis of a Thyroid-Disrupting Chemical” (with Daniel Axelrad, Karl Baetcke, Chris Dockins, Richard Hill, Patricia Murphy, Nicole Owens, Nathalie Simon, and Linda Teuschler). Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, Part A, 68:1–19, 2005.

"Benefit-Cost Analysis of U.S. Regulations Affecting Surface Water Quality" (with William Wheeler), Cost-Benefit Analysis and Water Resources Managemen; Roy Brouwer and David Pearce, eds. Edward Elgar Publishing, 2005.

“Economic Implications of Hormesis in Policy Making” Human and Experimental Toxicology. 23(6): pp. 281-3, 2004.

“Linking Economics and Risk Assessment” (with Chris Dockins, Nicole Owens, Nathalie Simon, and Daniel Axelrad), Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, 67(8-10): 611-620, 2004.

“What to Do at Low Doses: A Bounding Approach for Economic Analysis” (with Chris Dockins, Nicole Owens, Nathalie B. Simon and Daniel A. Axelrad), Risk Analysis: An International Journal, 22(4): 679-688, 2002.

“An Economic Analysis and Simulation of Woodfuel Management in the Sahel” (with Ken Chomitz), Environmental & Resource Economics, July, 19(3): 285-304, 2001.

"Predicting the Location of Deforestation: The Role of Roads and Protected Areas in North Thailand" (with Maureen Cropper and Jyotsna Puri), Land Economics, 77(2): 172-186, 2001.

"Roads, Population Pressures and Deforestation in Thailand, 1976-1989" (with Maureen Cropper and Muthukumara Mani), Land Economics, 75(1): 58-73. February 1999.

"The Interaction of Population Growth and Environmental Quality" (with Maureen Cropper), The American Economic Review, Vol. 84, No. 2, May 1994, pp. 250-254.

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