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Dockins, Chris

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Current Research Interests:
Risk Assessment and Economics
Health Valuation
Benefit-Cost Analysis
Job Title:
Supervisory Economist, Division Director, SPAD
Science Policy and Analysis Division
Joined Program:
Ph.D., Economics, Duke University, 1996
Selected Publications:
"Cancer Premiums and Latency Effects: A Risk Tradeoff Approach for Valuing Reductions in Fatal Cancer Risks." (with G Van Houtven and M Sullivan). Journal of Risk and Uncertainty (2008), 36(2): 2008.

Willingness to Pay for Environmental Health Risk Reductions when there are Varying Degrees of Life Expectancy: A White Paper (with K. Maguire and N. Simon), prepared for the Science Advisory Board, Environmental Economics Advisory Committee, 2006.

"Risk Assessment for Benefits Analysis: Framework for Analysis of a Thyroid-Disrupting Chemical." (with D. Axelrad, K Baetcke, CW Griffiths, RN Hill, P Murphy, N Owens, NB Simon, and LK Teuschler), Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, 2005 Jun 11-25; 68(11-12):837-55.

“Assessing Conservatism in Individual Risk Estimates,” in Calculating Risks? MIT Press, Cambridge MA (with W. K. Viscusi and J. Hamilton). 1999.

“Linking Economics and Risk Assessment” (with Charles Griffiths, Nicole Owens, Nathalie Simon, and Daniel Axelrad), Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, 67(8-10): 611-620, 2004.

“What to Do at Low Doses: A Bounding Approach for Economic Analysis” (with Charles W. Griffiths, Nicole Owens, Nathalie B. Simon and Daniel A. Axelrad), Risk Analysis: An International Journal, 22(4): 679-688, 2002.

“Valuation of Childhood Risk Reduction: The Importance of Age, Risk Preferences and Perspective” (with Robin Jenkins, Nicole Owens, Nathalie Simon and Lanelle Wiggins), Risk Analysis: An International Journal, 22(2): 335-346, 2002.

"Conservative vs. Mean Risk Assessments: Implications for Superfund Policies," (with W. Kip Viscusi and James T. Hamilton), Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 1997.

"The Costs of Conservative Risk Assessment: Monte Carlo Evidence for Superfund Sites," (co-authored with W. Kip Viscusi and James T. Hamilton), Working Paper, 1996.

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