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Sargent, Keith

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Current Research Interests:
Economics of Global Climate Change Control
Smart growth and transportation
Transboundary pollution
Job Title:
Benefits Assessment and Methods Development Division
Joined Program:
Ph.D., Iowa State University, 1997
Previous Experience:
Visiting Assistant Professor, University of New Hampshire, 1997-98.
Selected Publications:
"Growth and Consequences: The Future of the West," Western Futures, Vol. 22, December 1999, pp. 103-22.

"Economics and Environmental Justice," Ecostates, Spring 1999, pp. 14-17.

"Sustainable Growth: Where Is the Money? Where are the Votes?" Ecostates, Winter 1999, pp. 9-11, 23.

"Climate Change Mitigation and European Land-use Policies" (book review), American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Vol. 81, February 1999, pp. 248-56.

"A Tale of Two Collectives: Sulfur versus Nitrogen Oxides Emission Reduction in Europe" (with James C. Murdoch and Todd Sandler), Economica, Vol. 64, 1997, pp. 281-301.

"Management of Transitional Commons: Coordination, Publicness, and Treaty Formation" (with Todd Sandler), Land Economics, Vol. 71, No. 2, May 1995, pp. 145-62.

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