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Wolverton, Ann

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Current Research Interests:
Trade and environment
Climate change
Voluntary programs
environmental justice
economic incentives for pollution control
Job Title:
Research and Program Support Division
Joined Program:
Ph.D., Economics, University of Texas at Austin, 1999
Previous Experience:
Senior Economist, Council of Economic Advisers, July 2009 - June 2010
Adjunct professor, Public Policy Institute, Georgetown University, 2008- present.
Senior Economist, Council of Economic Advisers - July 2006 to June 2007
Associate and Senior Associate at ICF Consulting, Fairfax, VA, 1999-2001
Selected Publications:
"Incremental CH4 and N2O mitigation benefits consistent with the US Government's SC-CO2 estimates" (with A. Marten, E. Kopits, C. Griffiths and S. Newbold). Climate Policy. 2014.

"Retrospective evaluation of costs associated with methyl bromide critical use exemptions for open field strawberries in California," Journal of Benefit Cost Analysis 5 (2), 2014.

"The Effect of Environmental Regulation on Power Sector Employment: Phase I of the Title IV SO2 Trading Program" (with A. Ferris and R. Shadbegian). 1 (4): 521-553. 2014.

“Evaluating Environmental Justice: Analytic Lessons from the Academic Literature and in Practice” (with R. Shadbegian) in A False Promise of Justice? Evaluating the Federal Government’s Response to Environmental Inequity, D. Konisky, Ed. MIT Press, forthcoming.

Incremental CH4 and N2O mitigation benefits consistent with the US Government's SC-CO2 estimates" (with A. Marten, E. Kopits, C. Griffiths and S. Newbold). Climate Policy. 2014.

“Incorporating “Catastrophic” Climate Change” into Policy Analysis (with E. Kopits and A. Marten). Climate Policy. Dec. 2013.

“Improving the Assessment and Valuation of Climate Change Impacts for Policy and Regulatory Analysis” (with A. Marten, et al.). Climatic Change, special issue, March 2013.

“A Rapid Assessment Model for Understanding the Social Cost of Carbon” (with S. Newbold, C. Griffiths, C. Moore, E. Kopits). Climate Change Economics. Feb.2013.

“Estimating the Social Cost of Carbon for Use in U.S. Federal Rulemakings: A Summary” (with M. Greenstone and E. Kopits). Review of Environmental Economics and Policy. Winter 2013: 23-46.

“The Energy-Efficiency Gap” (with H. Klemick) for The Encyclopedia of Energy, Natural Resource, and Environmental Economics. J. Shogren, Ed. Elsevier Academic Press, 2013.

“The Social Cost of Carbon: Valuing Carbon Reductions in Policy Analysis” (with E. Kopits, C. Griffiths, A. Marten, C. Moore, and S. Newbold) in Guidelines for Fiscal Policy and Climate Change, I. Parry, Ed., International Monetary Fund, 2012.

"The Role of Demographic and Cost-Related Factors in Determining Where Plants Locate - A Tale of Two Texas Cities” Ann Wolverton in The Political Economy of Environmental Justice. S. Banzhaf, Ed., Stanford University Press, 2012.

“Environmental Justice: Do Poor and Minority Populations Face More Hazards?” (with Wayne Gray and Ron Shadbegian) in Oxford Handbook of the Economics of Poverty, Philip Jefferson, Ed. University of Oxford Press, 2012.

"Evaluating the Consumer Response to Fuel Economy: A Review of the Literature." (with Gloria Helfand). International Review of Environmental and Resource Economics, June 2011, vol. 5(2).

"Estimating the 'Social Cost of Carbon' for Regulatory Impact Analysis" (with Steve Newbold, Elizabeth Kopits, Charles W. Griffiths, and Alex Marten). Resources for the Future. Weekly Policy Commentary, Ed, I. Parry. November 5, 2010. Available at: http://www.rff.org/Publications/WPC/Pages/default.aspx

“Location Decisions of U.S. Polluting Plants: Theory, Empirical Evidence, and Consequences” (with Ron Shadbegian) International Review of Environmental and Resource Economics (2010): 1- 49.

"Effects of Socio-Economic and Input-Related Factors on Polluting Plants' Location Decisions," Berkeley Electronic Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, Advances (February 2009).

"Evaluating the Role of EPA Policy Levers: An Examination of a Voluntary Program and Regulatory Threat in the Metal Finishing Industry" (with Keith Brouhle and Charles Griffiths). Journal of Environmental Economics and Management (February 2009).

“Water Quality Trading in the United States: Trading Programs and One-time Offset Agreements” (with Cynthia Morgan), Water Policy, v.10, (1) (Feb. 2008) p. 73-93.

EPA Environmental Economics Research Strategy (with W. Wheeler, M. Clark, C. Dockins, J. Hewitt, B. Heninger, and L. Wiggins). EPA/600/R-04/195. Dec. 2005.

“The Use of Market-Based Environmental Policies in Latin America” in Environmental Issues in Latin America (with S. West). A. Romero and S. West, eds. Springer Press, 2005.

“The Use of Voluntary Approaches for Environmental Policymaking in the U.S.” in The Handbook of Environmental Voluntary Agreements (with Keith Brouhle, and Charles Griffiths). E. Croci, ed. Kluwer Academic Publisher, 2005.

"The Two Part Instrument in a Second Best World" (with Don Fullerton), Journal of Public Economics v. 89 (9-10) (September 2005): 1961-1975.

"The Case for a Two-Part Instrument: Presumptive Tax and Environmental Subsidy" (with D. Fullerton) in The Economics of Household Garbage and Recycling Behavior, T. Kinnaman and D. Fullerton, eds. UK: Edward Elgar Press, 2002.

"Two Generalizations of a Deposit-Refund System." (with Don Fullerton) American Economic Review. May 2000.

"The Case for a Two-Part Instrument: Presumptive Tax and Environmental Subsidy" in Environmental Economics and Public Policy Essays in Honor of Wallace E. Oates (with Don Fullerton). Paul Portney and Robert Schwab, eds. Edward Elgar, 1999.

"Market Opportunities for Recycling in Texas, Vol. I : Analysis of Texas Manufacturers’ Potential Demand for Recycled Materials" (with M. Mohammadioun, et al). Bureau of Business Research, UT-Austin, 1997.

Other Activities:
Secretary, Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, 2005 - 2009.

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