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Simpson, David

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Current Research Interests:
Economic growth and environmental pollution control
Ecosystem service valuation
Non-market valuation
Job Title:
Benefits Assessment and Methods Development Division
Joined Program:
Ph. D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1989
Previous Experience:
Associate Professor of Environmental Policy, International Policy Program, The Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University, 2006 - 2008

Visiting Professor, Department of Economics, University College London, September 2003 – August 2004.

Fellow & Senior Fellow (1998), Resources for the Future, Washington, DC; 1991 - 2003.

Economist, Economic Analysis Group, Antitrust Division, U. S. Department of Justice, Washington, DC; 1988 - 1991.
Selected Publications:
Ecosystem services as substitute inputs: Basic results and important implications for conservation policy. Ecological Economics, 2014, vol. 98, issue C, pages 102-108.

"If Invasives are 'Pollutants', should Polluters Pay" in Charles Perrings and Mark Williamson (editors), The Economics and Ecology of Invasive Species, Oxford University Press, forthcoming.

"Assessing Intervention Strategies" (with Bhaskar Vira), Ecosystems and Human Well-Being: A Manual for Assessment Practitioners. Island Press, forthcoming.

“The Evolution of Solid and Hazardous Waste Regulation in the United States” (with Robin Jenkins and Elizabeth Kopits), Review of Environmental Economics and Policy(forthcoming).

Scarcity and Growth Revisited: Resources and the Environment in the New Millennium (with Michael A. Toman, and Robert U. Ayres (editors)), (Washington: Resources for the Future), in press.

“Refuge Strategies for Managing Pest Resistance in Transgenic Agriculture” (with Ramanan Laxminarayan), Environmental and Resource Economics, 22, 4 (September 2002), 521-536.

“The Cost-Effectiveness of Conservation Payments” (with Paul J. Ferraro), Land Economics 78, 3 (August 2002), 339-353

“The Social Value of Biodiversity in New Pharmaceutical Product Research” (with Amy B. Craft), Environmental and Resource Economics, 18, 1 (January 2001), 1-17.

“The Law and Economics of Habitat Conservation: Lessons from an Analysis of Easement Acquisitions” (with James W. Boyd and Katheryn Caballero), Stanford Environmental Law Journal, 19, 1 (January 2000), 210-255.

Productivity in Natural Resource Industries: Improvement Through Innovation (editor), (Washington: Resources for the Future), 1999.

"Taxing Variable Cost: Environmental Regulation as Industrial Policy" (Robert L. Bradford, III),Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 30 (May, 1996), 282-300.

"Valuing Biodiversity for Use in Pharmaceutical Research" (with Roger A. Sedjo and John W. Reid), Journal of Political Economy 104 (February, 1996), 163-185.

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