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Wheeler, William

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Current Research Interests:
Benefit Transfer
Regulatory design/instrument choice and incentives
Water quality regulations
Water quality valuation
Job Title:
Benefits Assessment and Methods Development Division
Joined Program:
Ph.D., Agricultural Economics, Penn State University, 1997
M.S., Policy Analysis, Penn State University, 1992
Previous Experience:
Economist, U.S. EPA, Office of Research and Development, National Center for Environmental, 2002-2008
Economist, U.S. EPA, Officer of Water, 1997-2002
Selected Publications:
“Benefit Transfer for Water Quality Regulatory Rulemaking in the United States.” In Benefit Transfer of Environmental and Resource Values, Robert J. Johnston, John Rolfe, Randall S. Rosenberger, and Roy Brouwer, Eds. Pp. 101-115. http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/978-94-017-9930-0_6

“Lessons from risk assessment, economics, and risk management at EPA.” Chris Dockins and William Wheeler, In Benefit–Cost Analyses for Security Policies: Does Increased Safety Have to Reduce Efficiency?, Edited by Carol Mansfield and V. Kerry Smith. Edward Elgar.

"EPA Valuation of Surface Water Quality Improvements" (with Charles W. Griffiths, Heather Klemick, Matt Massey, Chris Moore, Steve Newbold, David Simpson, and Patrick Walsh). Review of Environmental Economics and Policy.Vol 6 (1): pp. 130-146.

Charles Griffiths and William Wheeler. “Benefit-cost analysis of regulations affecting surface water quality in the United States.” In Cost-Benefit Analysis and Water Resources Management, Roy Brouwer and David Pearce, eds. Edward Elgar Publishing, 2005.

Renée Selinsky Johnson, William J. Wheeler and Lee A. Christensen. “EPA’s Approach to Controlling Pollution from Animal Feeding Operations: An Economic Analysis.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Vol. 81, No. 5, (Dec., 1999), pp. 1216-1221.

Fisher, Ann, William J. Wheeler, and Rami Zwick. "Experimental Methods in Agricultural and Resource Economics: How Useful Are They?" Agricultural and Resource Economics Review 22, no. 2 (April 1993): 103-116.

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