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Garbaccio, Richard

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Current Research Interests:
Computable general equilibrium modeling
Economic incentives for pollution control
Environmental regulation in developing countries
Job Title:
Research and Program Support Division
Joined Program:
Ph.D., Agricultural and Resource Economics, UC Berkeley, 1994
Previous Experience:
Fellow, Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government, 1996-present.

Visiting Assistant Professor, Brandeis University, Department of Economics, 1996-1998.

Fellow, East-West Center, Program on International Economics and Politics, 1994-1996.
Selected Publications:
“The Health Benefits of Controlling Carbon Emissions in China,” in Ancillary Benefits and Costs of Greenhouse Gas Mitigation, OECD, Paris, 2000. (With Mun S. Ho and Dale W. Jorgenson.)

“Controlling Carbon Emissions in China.” Environment and Development Economics, 4(4), October 1999. (With Mun S. Ho and Dale W. Jorgenson.)

“Why Has the Energy-Output Ratio Fallen in China?” The Energy Journal, 20(3), 1999. (With Mun S. Ho and Dale W. Jorgenson.)

“Regional Economic Development in Asia: Progress, Pitfalls, and Policy,” in Sustainable and Balanced Development in the Asia Pacific, EDAP Joint Policy Studies Series, National Center for Development Studies, Australian National University, Canberra, 1998. (With Sumner J. La Croix and Mana Southichak.)

“Price Reform and Structural Change in the Chinese Economy: Policy Simulations Using a CGE Model.” China Economic Review, 6(1), Spring 1995.

“A Comparison of Nonparametric Methods to Measure Efficiency in the Savings and Loan Industry.” Journal of the American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association, 22(1), Spring 1994. (With Benjamin E. Hermalin and Nancy E. Wallace.)

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