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Regulatory Economic Analysis at the EPA

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This report is designed to serve both as an introduction, survey, and overview of EPA's Regulatory Economic Analyses Inventory (REAI) database and as an update of a 1987 EPA report entitled EPA's Use of Benefit-Cost Analysis 1981-1986. The database contains over 1,200 documents, some 400 of which are classified as Regulatory Impact Analyses (RIAs) or more recently as Economic Analyses (EAs), as well as many related reports and information. Most of these documents were prepared by EPA program offices in response to the analytic requirements of executive orders 12866 and 12291, which require information on the costs and benefits of proposed major federal initiatives to protect health, safety and the environment. This report also extends the 1987 report by updating a number of sections, adding summaries of some more recent Economic Analyses, and reviewing other reviews of EPA Economic Analyses.

The report is only available as an on-line report.

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Not available from EERM

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