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Savings from Using Economic Incentives: By Media

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Savings from Using Economic Incentives

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3.2.1. Air Emissions Trading
3.2.2. Chlorofluorocarbon Taxes and Allowance Trading
3.2.3. Acid Rain Allowance Trading
3.2.4. RECLAIM
3.2.5. Reporting Requirements
3.2.6. Regional Nitrogen Oxides Trading Program State Air Emission Fees Federal Nonattaniment Area Fees Vehicle Scrapping Oxygenated Fuels Requirement Hazardous Air Pollutants Early Reduction
4. Potential Future Savings from New Market-based Instrument Programs
4.1. Cost Savings from New Incentive Systems for Air Pollution Control
4.2. Cost Savings from Incentive Systems for Greenhouse Gas Emission Control
4.5. Summary of Cost Savings
5. Conclusions: Opportunities for Cost Savings
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