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NNEMS Fellowships

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NCEE has also developed project proposals that students may apply for under the EPA's National Network for Environmental Management Studies (NNEMS) Fellowships. For more information on this program, please refer to the NNEMS website. The NNEMS fellowships:

Out of a field of more than 1,000 organizations, NNEMS was named "One of America's Top 100 Internships" in the Princeton Review.

The program provides undergraduate and graduate students with the opportunity to receive stipends for completing research projects. Each year, EPA program managers and scientists design new NNEMS research projects based on agency priorities. Nearly 40 projects have been posted for 2006.

NNEMS offers a range of research projects designed to help students refine their professional skills and enhance their knowledge of environmental issues. Each participating headquarters or regional program office develops and sponsors projects for student research. The research projects fall into the following categories:

NNEMS aims to provide students with high-quality studies on environmental priorities and program management issues. The projects are sufficiently narrow in scope to allow the student to complete the research by working full-time during the summer or part-time during the school year. Usually, the student performs the research at the sponsoring facility, although other arrangements may be made.

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