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NCEE does not currently have openings for Post-Doctoral Research candidates in 2012.

The following illustrates an announcement posted in 2009 for a position. If in the future positions become available, the announcement may contain this type of information and instructions.

The US EPA’s National Center for Environmental Economics (NCEE) is seeking a post-doctoral candidate interested in the relationships between energy and environmental policy and the economic analysis of human health and welfare outcomes. Positions are located in Washington, DC.

NCEE conducts original research in environmental economics and supporting and related scientific fields to inform policy development at EPA. NCEE scientists provide information on environmental and systems modeling to support decision-making, participate in regulatory development activities, and develop and evaluate environmental policy options. Often such modeling supports more rigorous and scientifically-grounded economic analysis of benefits, co-benefits, and costs. Examples of scientific, policy-related work performed at NCEE include: a national evaluation of public health risks from ambient air toxics; America's Children and the Environment, EPA's report on indicators of children's environmental health; bioeconomic modeling for benefits analysis; papers on particular aspects of human health risk assessment; and a detailed course on the effects of reactive nitrogen in the environment. NCEE staff have published their work in journals across many disciplines, including The Lancet, Environmental Health Perspectives, Risk Analysis, Environmental Research, Environmental Science and Technology, and the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management.

Excellent Federal Employee Benefits:

Easy Application Process- Submit the Following:
U.S. Citizenship Status

Applicants must be United States citizens or permanent residents. Only in the absence of qualified U.S. citizens will permanent residents who are citizens of countries specified as exceptions to the appropriations act ban on paying non- U.S. citizens be considered. Further information on Federal employment of non-citizens is available at http://www.opm.gov/employ/html/citizen.asp.

Other options for application submission

Mail your application materials to:


For express courier, send to:



Fax your application to xxx

Current Opportunity: Integrating Air Quality Modeling and Economic Analysis

Application Material must be received by xxx.

Brief Description of Research Project

A goal of NCEE is to advance the integration of science and policy and economic analyses, such as the assessment of benefits, costs, and the economic impacts of regulatory alternatives. NCEE is seeking to conduct research into the efficiencies from multi-pollutant strategies to address air pollution. Among other goals, the research and analysis is designed to (1) identify cost-effective alternatives to reduce emissions and/or ambient levels of air pollutants; (2) assess the air quality data needs to support the evaluation of such alternatives; and (3) evaluate how such policies may improve human health and welfare outcomes generally and, in some cases, for specific geographic areas or population groups. This research is needed to inform future policy directions.

The successful candidate will work together with economists, health scientists, modelers and others who are relating air quality modeling and data to economic analysis. The candidate's research should address the co-benefits of potential policy actions, and extent to which new data and models are needed to evaluate economic and health outcomes.

Educational Requirement
PhD in chemical engineering, environmental engineering, or related field

Specialized training and/or experience preferred
Skills and expertise desired include: ability to develop conceptual and/or mathematical descriptions of air quality and economic outcomes. Familiarity with economic analysis concepts, ability to communicate and publish research findings, and ability to work as part of an interdisciplinary research team are preferred. Advanced course work in economics and statistics would be helpful.

For additional information, please contact: xxx at xxx or via email at xxx

For inquiries concerning the application process, please contact xxx at xxx or via email at xxx

The U.S. EPA is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Provides Reasonable Accommodations to Applicants with Disabilities

Federal law requires all employers to verify the identity and employment eligibility of all persons hired to work in the United States. Click here for further information.

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