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Environmental Assessment Of Proposed Revisions To The National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Regulation And The Effluent Guidelines For Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations.

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Unlike environmental assessments prepared to support other effluent guidelines, this report focuses on the qualitative impacts on human health and the environment associated with releases of wastes to surface water from concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs). The EPA is not currently able to quantitatively evaluate all human health and ecosystem benefits associated with water quality improvements from reduced releases of CAFO wastes. The EPA is even more limited in its ability to assign monetary values to those benefits. The economic benefits analysis is available in the report titled "Environmental and Economic Benefits of the NPDES/ELG CAFO Rules" (see W.2001.2 B).
To present a sense of the scope of the problem, this report relies on state and federal information, as well as news articles and data collected by environmental advocacy groups. While data from government agencies are more reliable, the resources are not available to thoroughly track CAFO-related releases and resulting environmental and human health impacts. The intent of this more inclusive approach is to provide a sense of the possible scope of the impacts until state and federal agencies can fully document them.

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W.2001.3 D
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Office of Water
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Office of Science and Technology
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Engineering and Analysis Division
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Harrigan, Patricia
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Benefit Analysis
Abt Associates Inc.
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Chapters 4-5 and References (PDF, 815.8K, About PDF)

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