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Environmental Assessment For Proposed Effluent Guidelines And Standards For The Construction And Development Category.

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This document identifies and estimates the environmental benefits of implementing the proposed rule. Adverse impacts attributable to the C&D industries include alteration of stream flow patterns, changes in river channels, and reduction in the water quality of receiving waters as a result of increased generation and transport of sediment. Aquatic habitats also can be damaged as a result of reduced water quality and altered hydrology. These environmental impacts can in turn cause additional environmental and economic damage by increasing the frequency and magnitude of flooding events in vulnerable areas.
Benefits were quantified in terms of reductions in total suspended solids (TSS) loadings. EPA did not attempt to quantify aquatic losses (e.g., fish kills, habitat loss), it did estimate how construction loadings impact in-stream concentration levels of TSS in receiving water bodies. Benefits were further quantifies and monetized in the economic impact analysis (W.2002.3 A).

Reference #:
W.2002.3 C
EPA Office:
Office of Water
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No suboffice specified
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No division specified
EPA Author:
Strassler, Eric; Maher, Karen
Document Type:
Environmental Impact Statement
Tetra Tech, Inc.
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Not Reported
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entire document (PDF, 1614.3K, About PDF)

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