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Closure Cost Estimates For Standard Permits Background Document - Option 5: Provide To Owners And Operators A Methodology That Can Be Used To Prepare Default Cost Estimates For Closure Of Units Eligible To Use Standard Permits.

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This document presents methods for estimating costs for closure of noncommercial container storage areas, tank systems, and containment buildings that are regulated as hazardous waste treatment or storage units under RCRA subtitle C. The methods were developed as a possible way to reduce the cost financial, technical, and administrative burden on the regulated community of complying with closure/post-closure requirements under parts 264.142 and 265.142. Owners and operators of those units would be allowed to use these standard methods to provide acceptable estimates of the costs of closure of those units without requiring the owners/operators to prepare full closure plans. After the methods were developed, they were to be proposed in conjunction with new regulations that allow owners/operators to use standard permits for specified types of units.

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Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response
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Office of Solid Waste
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Permits and State Programs Division
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Eberly, David A.
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Cost Analysis
Tetra Tech EM Inc.
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Not Reported
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Appendix A (PDF, 8.7K, About PDF)

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