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Competitiveness Analyses Of Alternative SAMI Strategies, Draft Report.

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The Southern Appalachian Mountains Initiative (SAMI) has developed several emission control strategies that potentially apply to sources in all emitting sectors in the SAMI geographic domain, which includes eight states in the southeastern U.S. As part of the SAMI process, a broad integrated assessment is being conducted to permit a full comparison of the effects of each strategy under consideration. One portion of this integrated assessment is an examination of the socioeconomic impacts associated with the strategies. This is an important consideration because placing restrictions on the manner in which goods may be produced (e.g., by limiting emissions below the level at which they would be under unconstrained economic activity) is generally expected to increase the cost of production, which may result in reductions in output and profits for affected firms and potentially increased product prices for consumers. Because the SAMI strategies are focused on a particular region of the U.S. producers located within the SAMI region may be at a competitive disadvantage relative to producers outside the region. In addition to direct effects on producers, households will experience effects through changes in prices, income, and employment.

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A.2002.4 B
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Office of Air and Radiation
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Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards
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No division specified
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Sorrels, Larry
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Economic Impact Assessment
Research Triangle Institute
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entire document (PDF, 469.7K, About PDF)

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