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Study Of Unique Gasoline Fuel Blends ("Boutique Fuels"), Effects On Fuel Supply And Distribution And Potential Improvements.

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Clean fuel programs have been an integral part of the nation's strategy to reduce air pollution. These programs provide significant, cost-effective, and timely reductions of VOC and NOx emissions. An unintended consequence of these program is the number of different fuel blends specified by the different programs. In times of gasoline production or distribution disruptions, this could lead to potential supply problems and short-term price spikes.
EPA has undertaken a study of the State and local boutique fuel programs looking at the various types of unique State and local fuels as well as Federal fuel programs, the motivation and causes for boutique fuels, assessing the impact, if any, of these fuels on the fuel production and distribution system, and analyzing potential ways to mitigate the impact of disruptions (i.e., refinery fires, pipeline shutdowns) by allowing for a more fungible system.

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A.2001.27 B
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Office of Air and Radiation
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Office of Transportation and Air Quality
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Assessment and Standards Division
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Regulatory Option Development/Description Document
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Not Reported
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