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Economic Analyses Of Proposed Amendments to the TSCA Section 8 Inventory Update Rule; Addendum, Executive Summary, And Summary Revised July 29, 1999.

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This report analyzes multiple regulatory options for amending the IUR by varying the reporting thresholds, exemptions, and reporting cycle. The proposed IUR amendments would collect basic information on about 8,900 chemicals out of the more than 75,000 chemicals on the TSCA Inventory. Approximately 1,000 chemical manufacturers would be required to report. Most of these reports must already be submitted under the existing IUR requirements, and companies would simply be providing additional information. However the IUR amendments would also adjust the universe of reportable chemicals.
EPA estimated the incremental cost of the amendments to be between $36 million and $51 million for the first reporting cycle. Cost would be lower after the first year, and are estimated at $27 million to $41 million in each subsequent reporting cycle (every four years). These startup and quadrennial costs are equivalent to an annual cost of between $10 million and $14 million.

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