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Controlling S02 Emissions: A Review Of Technologies, Final Report.

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Sulfure dioxide (SO2) scrubbers may be used by electricity generating units to meet the requirements of Phase II of the Acid Rain SO2 Reduction Program. Additionally, the use of scrubbers can result in reduction of mercury and particlate matter emissions. It is timely, therefore, to review commercially available flue gas desulfurization (FGD) technologies that have an established record of performance.
The review of FGD technologies presented in this report describes there technologies, assesses their applications, and characterizes their performance. Additionally, the report describes some of the advances that have occurred in FGD technologies. Finally, the report presents an analysis of the costs associated with applications of limestone forced oxidation, lime spray, dryer, and magnesium-enhanced lime FGD processes. The information presentedin this paper should be useful to parties evaluating FGD technology applications.

Pollution; Sulfur dioxide; Emission; Electrical power plants; Scrubbers; Mercury; Particles; Limestone; Calcium oxides; Magnesium
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Office of Research and Development
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National Risk Management Research Laboratory
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Srivastava, Ravi K.; Oppelt, E. Timothy
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Regulatory Option Development/Description Document
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ARCADIS Geraghty & Miller, Inc.
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entire document (PDF, 8403.6K, About PDF)

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