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Survey Of Control Technologies For Low Concentration Organic Vapor Gas Streams.

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This document is the result of a request for technical assistance from the State and Territorial Air Pollution Program Administrators and the Association of Local Air Pollution Control Officials (STAPPA/ALAPCO) to identify control technologies that are effective on treating gas streams with low concentrations of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and/or organic hazardous air pollutants (HAP). This document presents the results of a series of studies conducted to identify commercially available control technologies applicable to low organic concentration gas streams. Technical and economic background information relevant to the control technologies is presented by technology type. Performance of the air pollution control devices is documented in the form of source test reports or permits issued by State or local air pollution control agencies. The document with the information and data presented provides the basis for evaluating the availability and efficacy of air pollution control devices in reducing organic emission in low concentration, high flow rate gas streams.

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Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards - Office of Research and Development
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Control Technology Center
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Blaszczak, Robert J.
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Cost Analysis
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Research Triangle Institute
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Not Reported
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entire document (PDF, 671.2K, About PDF)

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