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Regulatory Impact Analysis For The Particulate Matter And Ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standards And Proposed Regional Haze Rule, (July 16, 1997).

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Report assesses economic impacts, costs, and benefits associated with implementation of NAAQS for ozone and particulate matter.
This document can be downloaded from this site. Because of its size, the document is contained in a number of files whose contents are as follows:

1. Table of Contents and other Front Matter
2. Executive Summary
3. Chapter 1 - Introduction and Overview
4. Chapter 2 - Statement of Need for the Proposed Regulations
5. Chapter 3 - NAAQS and RH Alternatives Assessed
6. Chapter 4 - Baseline Emissions and Air Quality
7. Chapter 5 - Control Measures
8. Chapter 6 - Emissions, Air Quality, and Cost Impacts of PM2.5 Alternatives
9. Chapter 7 - Emission Reduction and Cost Impacts for Ozone Alternatives
10. Chapter 8 - Visibility and Cost Impact Analysis of Regional Haze Alternatives
11. Chapter 9 - Discussion of Full Attainment Costs
12. Chapter 10 - Administrative Burdens and Costs
13. Chapter 11 - Economic Impact Analysis (EIA)
14. Chapter 12 - Benefits of NAAQS and Regional Haze
15. Chapter 13 - Benefit-Cost Comparisons
16. Appendix A - Estimation of 1990 Emissions by Major Sector
17. Appendix B - Summary of Control Measures in the PM, Regional Haze, and Ozone Analyses
18. Appendix C - Costs and Benefits of Achieving the Current PM10 and Ozone Standards
19. Appendix D - Control Cost Sensitivity Analyses
20. Appendix E - Regional Haze Calculation Constants
21. Appendix F - Estimation of Full Attainment Costs
22. Appendic G - Administrative Burden and Costs Supporting Information
23. Appendix H - Economic Impacts Supporting Information
24. Appendix I - Benefit Analysis Supporting Information
25. Appendix J - Ozone Mortality Meta-Analysis

Reference #:
A.97.5 A
EPA Office:
Office of Air and Radiation
Office Suboffice:
Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards
Office Division:
No division specified
EPA Author:
Document Type:
Regulatory Impact Analysis
Document Status:
Not Reported
Document file(s):

Table of Contents (WordPerfect, 44.6K)

Executive Summary (WordPerfect, 87.5K)

Chapter 1 (WordPerfect, 94.2K)

Chapter 2 (WordPerfect, 34.7K)

Chapter 3 (WordPerfect, 74.5K)

Chapter 4 (WordPerfect, 557.4K)

Chapter 5 (WordPerfect, 56.3K)

Chapter 6 (WordPerfect, 534.8K)

Chapter 7 (WordPerfect, 99.7K)

Chapter 8 (WordPerfect, 96.1K)

Chapter 9 (WordPerfect, 140.9K)

Chapter 10 (WordPerfect, 367.3K)

Chapter 11 (WordPerfect, 180.2K)

Chapter 12 (WordPerfect, 265.1K)

Chapter 13 (WordPerfect, 47.8K)

Appendix A (WordPerfect, 115.6K)

Appendix B (WordPerfect, 523.6K)

Appendix C (WordPerfect, 59.4K)

Appendix D (WordPerfect, 174.5K)

Appendix E (WordPerfect, 163.8K)

Appendix F (WordPerfect, 228.6K)

Appendix G (WordPerfect, 202.8K)

Appendix H (WordPerfect, 452.4K)

Appendix I (WordPerfect, 146.1K)

Appendix J (WordPerfect, 391.6K)

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