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Economic Analysis Of Proposed Effluent Limitation Guidelines And New Source Performance Standards For The Construction And Development Category.

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Economic analysis of three regulatory options: amendments to NPDES storm water permitting regulations, effluent limitation guidelines (proposed rule), and no regulation. Several methods were used in the assessment, including models that analyze impacts at the level of the individual construction project, the individual firm, national construction market, and the national economy as a whole. The analysis considers impacts on the C&D industry who would be complying with the regulations, on those who purchase the output of the C&D industry, and on those who would be responsible for implementing the proposed rule. The engineering costs also include the costs to comply with requirements related to erosion and sediment control (ESC) employed over a relatively short period of time during which land is being converted from an undeveloped to a developed site. Costs also include any paperwork requirements related to the permitting of construction and development projects and the incremental inspection and certification requirements for ESCs. The document also includes an Initial Regulatory Flexibility Analysis because the Agency did not certify that the rule would not have a significant impact on a substantial number of small businesses.
This document also includes an analysis of the benefits of the rule. The analysis uses the estimates of reductions in total suspended solids (TSS) loading and in-stream concentration levels of TSS in receiving water bodies to estimate reduced costs for avoided water treatment costs, avoided loss of water storage capacity, and avoided navigational dredging.

Reference #:
W.2002.3 A
EPA Office:
Office of Water
Office Suboffice:
No suboffice specified
Office Division:
No division specified
EPA Author:
Strassler, Eric; Denning, George
Document Type:
Benefit Analysis
Economic Impact Assessment
Regulatory Flexibility Analysis
Eastern Research Group, Inc.
Document Status:
Not Reported
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entire document (PDF, 8518.6K, About PDF)

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