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Economic Analysis Of Proposed Effluent Limitations Guidelines And Standards For The Meat And Poultry Products Industry.

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EPA is proposing to create two new subcategories (K and L) for facilities that slaughter and process poultry and to set effluent standard (BPT, BAT, BCT, and NSPS) for these subcategories. EPA is also proposing revisions to the existing standards for subcategories A through D, F through I, and J.
EPA estimated annualized capital and O&M compliance costs for a series of model facilities. EPA used these estimates in four different levels of analysis:
(1) facility-level impact models, (2) financial ratio analysis, (3) market model, and (4) national impacts. EPA also conducted a small business impact screening analysis using a compliance cost-to-cash flow test to estimate closures and a compliance cost-to-revenue test for non-closure impacts.

Reference #:
W.2002.1 A
EPA Office:
Office of Water
Office Suboffice:
Office of Science and Technology
Office Division:
Engineering and Analysis Division
EPA Author:
Wheeler, William
Document Type:
Cost-Benefit Analysis
Economic Impact Assessment
Small Business Impact Assessment
Regulatory Flexibility Analysis
Eastern Research Group
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Chapters 1-8 (PDF, 1528.5K, About PDF)

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